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This Z06 isn’t going to just break necks, it’s gonna break hearts too.

At DMS, we enjoy the process of tailoring the upgrade package to the needs of each and every customer. Our objective is simple: to build the highest quality vehicles, designed to perform at the highest level possible on both road and track.

Rhys brought his Z06 to DMS for a 427 cubic-inch heart transplant, new fuel system, and pair of turbos to force feed the big block. Needless to say we created a monster. The final result? 1,133 HP to the wheels. Good luck keeping up with this one…

Mod List:
1133 Horse Power/ 1080 lb/ft Torque
Turbo Technology, Inc TTix Twin Turbo Kit
Dedicated Motorsports ZR1 Heat Exchanger
Dedicated Motorsports Fuel Filter Kit
DSX Tuning Flex Fuel Kit
Dedicated Motorsports C6 Catch Can
Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors
Fore Innovations Triple Pump Kit and Fuel Rail
Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers Dyno Tune with HP Tuners

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