We’ve Been Dedicated For One Full Year!

August 3, 2016 marks our first full year of being a part of the racing industry, beating a world record at the Texas Mile, and the fabrication of brand new parts for the performance of your vehicle! It’s been a full year of extreme growth, from moving to a new facility to creating some of the best engine builds on the market. All this could not have been possible without all of our Dedicated fans and loyal customers. So, from all of us here at Dedicated Motorsports, Thank You!

Take a Minute to Meet the Team:

Owner, Fabricator, Tuning and Calibration Director
Dedicated Motorsports has a long history of proving hard work pays off in the end.
Originally founded in 2008 DMS was a part time operation primarily to share new
parts that Matt Owen developed while creating his own builds,
like his famous LS1 Swapped Lexus.
It wouldn’t be until 2015 that Dedicated Motorsports would become a
full-time operation when Matt departed his T1 Race Development position
as shop foreman, engine builder and fabricator.

Owner, Marketing, Sales, and Logistics Director
Andrew Campbell is an expert in fuel systems and was head of sales, service, and technical support
at Injector Dynamics for 4 years.
Andrew, an avid car guy himself, had quite the Miata featured in Sports Compact Car back in the early 2000’s. Together Andrew and Matt own and operate Dedicated Motorsports,
dedicating their time to making the best solutions available for the aftermarket performance market.

Expert Fabricator and Welder
Brad Harmer comes to us from a very successful career at The Austin Speed Shop and D3 Performance Engineering.
Brad played an extremely integral part in the making of our World Record Breaking Nissan GT-R
by adding his incredibly precise welding touch and finesse to our R&D parts specifically made for that motor.
You can follow him and his welding ventures on Instagram!

Lead Technician
Duane Biddle’s vast experience in custom engine builds have led to numerous advancements in both the shop,
and personally on the drag racing strip. You can usually find Duane and Dragnfly, his 1400 HP
LSX swapped Fox-Body Mustang, at the track on most weekends!
Check out the video that 1320 covered of Duane and Dragnfly on the track!

Product Engineering, Development, and Calibration
Dave Steck comes to us as the complete GM package.
His knowledge of tuning, calibration, and engineering, is not only
helpful to the Dedicated team’s success, but is respected nationally and worldwide.
His DSX Flex Fuel Kits and Breakout Kits have been purchased and used on vehicles all over the world!

Component Assembly and Shipping Manager
John Geiger brings extensive GM and Nissan parts assembly knowledge to the Dedicated team!
John also has a customer service background that has shown greatly in the result of customer satisfaction.
John is an avid car fan and competes in drift events with his Nissan 240SX with an LS1 swap, on the weekends.

Web Development, Communications, and Marketing
Isaiah Garza is our newest addition to the team.
Isaiah’s in-depth experience with technology and market-research continues to boost Dedicated Motorsports’ presence online.
Isaiah brings a new and fresh outlook on marketing, as well as customer service.
Beyond technology and marketing is his love for cars. His 2015 Subaru STI is truly one of a kind!

Dedicated Motorsports Highlights

World Record Breaking Nissan GT-R (R35) 1,920 Horsepower, at The Texas Mile. 255.2 MPH!

Brand New Dedicated Motorsports Facility

Research, Development, and Custom Fabricated Parts Made Right Here In-House

So What’s Next From Dedicated Motorsports? You’ll just have to check out our Website at www.dedicatedmotorsports.com, as well as Like and Follow us on Social Media to Find Out!

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