DMS Fuel Filter Kits Now Available!!!

Have an upgraded fuel system, or thinking about purchasing one soon? Take a look at our new line of DMS Fuel Filter Kits! As you may or may not know fuel filters are one of the most important, and unfortunately most overlooked, aspects of upgraded fuel systems. Post-pump filtration is critical, especially if you have, or plan to transition to E85. We’ve researched and tested many filters and have found that there is truly only one viable choice. The DMS Kit includes; fuel lines, quick connect fittings, and the 98.4% efficient Fuel Lab 6-micron filter! Click below for more information and to purchase your new DMS Fuel Filter Kit!


Breathe Easy! No Not The Sleep Remedy…

Let your engine BREATHE! Throughout the past several months Dedicated Motorsports has spent time researching and developing a solution to allow the dry-sump engine in your C6 Corvette to breathe properly. With increased horsepower comes an increase in cylinder pressures, which also results increase in pressure in the crankcase. This additional pressure and volume must be managed to avoid issues with windage losses and engine sealing, etc. Proper air/oil separation is also critical to keep the blower, intake ports, intake valves, and piston crowns free from excessive carbon build-up which can increase the chance for detonation and power loss.

The DMS Catch Can does all of the above, while maintaining functionality and the presence of a clean engine bay. It is heavily baffled internally and utilizes stainless-steel mesh to assist with air / oil separation. It connects to the valve covers, valley cover, and dry sump tank with included pre-assembled AN lines that are large enough to meet the demand of clearing excess pressure from the system. Click below to purchase your new DMS Catch Can for Dry Sump C6s!